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This webliography is based upon online resources. It is meant to be a work in progress. Currently the editor has decided to omit articles found in journals of Elvish linguistics. This is an unofficial site, and has no connection with the estate of J.R.R. Tolkien, whose rights are fully acknoledged. Last update January 2008. Total entries 146 New entries are red color

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Scholarship – Ricerca accademica

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DROUT Michael D.C.
“Wrong about almost everything: Editing J. R. R. Tolkien”
February 2002, The Medieval Academy of America

DROUT Michael D.C., WYNNE Hilary
“Tom Shippey’s ‘J.R.R. Tolkien: Author of the Century’ and a Look Back at Tolkien Criticism since 1982″

“Reaching for the Ring, Tolkien scholars embark on a quest for legitimacy in academe”
June 4, 2004

McLEMEE Scott, DROUT Michael D.C.
“Frodo Lives! And So Does Tolkien Scholarship”
June 3, 2004

T. and the Classics – I Classici

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DAVIS, Jason Larry
“Heroes, Gods, and Virtues: a comparison and contrast of the heroes in the Aeneid and The Lord of the Rings”
North Carolina State University, 2002 (download PDF file)

“Tolkien versus Dante” 2002

Nature – Natura

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ALLEN Michael "Trees in Tolkien. A guide to the trees mentioned in the "Treebeard" chapter of The Two Towers" FISHER Mark "What types of New World plants were there in Middle-earth, and how did they get there?" The Encyclopedia of Arda, James "Into the woods. Americans may love British fantasy fiction because it hearkens back to simpler times. But it might have more to tell us about the horrors of the present." The Boston Globe October 16, 2005 SHEASBY, Walt Contreras "In the Digger Undeground there lived a hobbit. Tolkien and radical ecology in the Sizties." April 2004 ZAULI Giorgio "Gli animali in Tolkien" http://

 ALLEN Michael

  "Trees in Tolkien. A guide to the trees mentioned in the "Treebeard" chapter of The Two Towers"

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World War 1 – La Guerra Mondiale

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Education Resources, Percorsi didattici

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For Teachers and Educators

“Il Signore degli Anelli: percorsi didattici”
Treccani scuola

“Tolkien’s Middle-earth:Lesson Plans for Secondary School Educators”
Houghton Mifflin

“Teacher’s Guide for The Lord of the Rings”
Houghton Mifflin

“Dissecting the Dark Side: Dragons, Demons, and Dark Lords”
Tolkien Society

“The Hobbit Teachers Guide”
Houghton Mifflin

“The Hobbit: Study Questions & Essay Topics”
Sparknotes from Barnes & Noble

“The Hobbit – Words definition and Vocabulary Test”

“Putting on a Tolkien Event in a library or school”
Tolkien Society

For Students

“Help for Students”
Tolkien Society

“The Felloship of the Ring” Study Guide
Sparknotes from Barnes & Noble

“The Two Towers” Study Guide
Sparknotes from Barnes & Noble

“The Return of the King” Study Guide
Sparknotes from Barnes & Noble

Ancestors, Predecessori

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For further study. The literary works listed below were part of Tolkien work as a professor and of his personal readings and culture.
They are often quoted by the critics as Tolkien’s sources or influences. The web provides the electronical texts and, in some case, the concordances.

The Battle of Brunanburh
(in English)

(in English)

(Poetic) Edda
(in English)

Gesta Danorum by Saxo Gramm
(in English)

(in italiano)

Macbeth by W. Shakespeare
(in English)

Morris, William
“The House of the Wolfings” 1888

“The Roots of the Mountains” 1889

“The Story of the Glittering Plain” 1891

“The Wood Beyond the World” 1894

Tolkien – ancient Europe

7 Gennaio 2005 Commenti chiusi

ALLEN Michael
“Anglo-Saxon and Old Norse Roots for LOTR Names”

“One Word from You, One from Me – The Song of the Sampo in Finnish Myth and Lore”
The Journal of Mythic Arts, Winter 2004 issue

“The Nordic roots of Tolkien’s Middle Earth”
Scandinavian Review, Summer 2002

GLENN Jonathan A.
“To Translate a Hero: The Hobbit as Beowulf Retold”
1991 Arkansas Philological Association

HIMES B. Jonathan
“What Tolkien Really Did with the Sampo”
in Mythlore 22.4 (Spring 2000): 69-85

“Tolkien and Beowulf, Warriors of Middle-Earth”
2001, this article originally appeared in Amon Hen 171

McNEIL Michael
“Sarmatians: ‘horsey’ Vikings – exploring origin of the Rohirrim in The Lord of the Rings” 2003

“The Unity of Beowulf: Tolkien and the Critics” 1998

“Tolkien and Iceland: The Philology of Envy”
The Sigurður Nordal Institute, University of Iceland 13-14 september, 2002

“A Tolkienite’s Reading of Beowulf”

Stampa italiana, Italian Press

14 Ottobre 2004 Commenti chiusi

AA.VV. “Il riotorno del re, inchiesta su J.R.R.Tolkien”

“Il Signore degli Anelli, il ritorno del mito”
Ideazione n.55, 11 gennaio 2002

“Speciale Lord of the Rings”

Intervista a Vittoria Alliata di Villafranca
La Sicilia, 24 gennaio 2002

“Ad Assisi per ricordare J.R.R. Tolkien”
giugno 2005

LIPPI Giuseppe
“La magia di descrivere mondi immaginari ma ‘reali’ ”
Letture n.604, febbraio 2004

“Gli anelli del cardinale. Tolkien benedetto da Biffi”
19 gennaio 2002,2400,29967,00.html

“Tolkien, la fiaba ci salverà dai nuovi barbari”
Corriere della Sera, 23 novembre 2000

MONDA Andrea
“Dalla Terra di Mezzo a Narnia: viaggio nel mondo comune”

ZACCURI Alessandro
“Natale in casa Tolkien” Le lettere di Babbo Natale
Avvenire, 21 dicembre 2004

“Così pregano gli elfi di Tolkien”
Avvenire, 18 gennaio 2004ì%20pregano%20gli%20Elfi%20di%20Tolkien.htm

J.R.R. Tolkien

21 Luglio 2004 Commenti chiusi

"Tolkien’s boyhood in Birmingham"  

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